• TIPOstar is a protected trade mark for the family of high- barrier coextrusive materials for packaging food and non-food products.

Coextrusion is a technological procedure by which desired plastic materials of different properties and roles can be mutually combined in the ideal may. Layers are dozed depending on beforehand requested property protection which wrapping must have.

• Our materials can have up to 11 layers and they are single-layered.


• TIPOclean is a polylayer, barrier, polymer coextrusive, flexible material for detergent packaging.

• It can have 7-11 layers.

• TIPOclean Tipoclean has extraordinary features. Possibility of various thickness of material production obtains detergent packaging of 9kg.

• The material has good barrier features which are capable of keeping detergent fragrance completely because it protects the inside from gas to penetrate through the packaging (reciprocal barrier).

• TIPOclean is convenient for copper and flexo print.

• According to the results of testing by many independent laboratories, this material has 50 times less porousness of carbon dioxide, 30 times less porousness of oxygen and 30 times less porousness of air, compared to standard materials which are used for detergent packaging.


• TIPOvacuum is a high-barrier coextrusive material for vacuum packaging which has 10 layers.

• This material content obtains all barrier features towards to steam and gas and therefore enables longer time of durability of a product.

• Combining PE, EVOH and PA, a high-barrier material is got and it is similar to a can, but the mentioned combination compared to the can is transparent, flexible and has many purposes.

• The mentioned combination can be deeply pulled and then vacuumed so that an extraordinary vacuum packaging is got in which hot dogs, meat chops, other meat products, peanuts, cheeses are successfully kept.

• The material is convenient for copper and flexo print.

• Tipovacuum's advantages are: extraordinary barrier features towards gas, aroma and taste keeping, excellent stability towards weather conditions, long durability of vacuum keeping.


• TIPOmilk je višeslojni, barijerni, polimerni, koestrudirani, flexibilni materijal za pakovanje sterilisanog dugotrajnog mleka (UHT sterilisanog mleka) u kese i ima 11 slojeva!

• TIPOmilk is a polylayer, barrier, polymer, coextrusive, flexible material for durable sterilized milk packaging UHT sterilized milk in bags and it has 11 layers.

• Thin and even layer of LLDPE enables god features of hot melt. By putting a thin layer of EVOH, gas protection is got, so TIPOmilk can replace packaging which has aluminium foil.

• TIPOmilk contains a layer which protects UV rays peneration through the inside of the packaging.

• TIPOmilk is convenient for intaglio and flexo print.

• TIPOmilk, has less price than Gable Top and Tetra Pak materials for milk packaging.

• Milk which is packed in bags has long stability in the selling places, in normal condicions, so the milk need not be distributed every morning.

• One delivering weekly is more than enough. TIPOmilk is very convenient for sterilization after filling.

• The material can be recycled and reused for other products.


• TIPOtube is a high – barrier, polylayer coextrusive material for forming tubes in which ketchap, mayonnaise, tooth paste, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products are packed.

• It has 11 layyers!

• TIPOtube has excellent mechanical characteristics, and possibility of making various thickness of materials enables forming all commercial tube dimensions.

• Thin and ideal even layer of LLDPE obtains good hot melt features, therefore on equipment for forming tubes there can be attained high productivity: 200 tubes per minute.

• By introducing barrier layer (EVOH) of only 5-10µ in the complex, the demand for limited gas porousness is satisfied, so that a plastic tube can completely replace an aluminium one.

• TIPOtube is laminate which can be recycled.

• The material is convenient for print in copper and flexo print.


• TIPOpack is a polylayer structure where the basic material is quality paper with extraordinary press characteristics, with layers of polylayer barrier coating.

• TIPOpack – barrier plastic paper is one of the cheepest materials for packaging which obtains better keeping of organleptic characteristics of the wrapped product than often used plain plastic paper which has been used up to now.

• We suggest it for small packagings of pepper, clove and other spices, powdered products, puddings, whipped creams, gels and so on.

• TIPOpack, barrier plastic paper solves lacks of the previous plain plastic paper:
– Loss of the aroma
– Gas porousness
– Expiry of wrapped product


• TIPOpeel is a complexed material on the basis of polymer films and aluminium foil of small thickness with copolymer coextrusive coating for hot melt. These materials are successfully substituted by polished aluminium thicker foils and they are used for closing thermoformed dishes.

• They are also successful barriers for penetration of moisture, odour, oxygen and gas.

• The materials for closing thermoformed dishes are produced by combining technological treatment, coextrusion, coextrusive coating, press and laminating.

• TIPOpeel is a material which can be printed in copper and flexo technique, having extraordinary mechanical characteristics which guarantee safe protection of products and preserve product shapes.


• Modern industry puts new demands which need necessary combining of materials with good mechanical characteristics, barrier features, hot melt, chemical resistance and others into new polylayer structures.

• One of the solutions is Tipoliqid wrapping material for making Doypack pasteurized juice packaging. By using well-known polyester and pollyethylene film, using the advantages of metaliyation and combining with new barrier pitches, Tipoplastika, introducing technology of blown and flat coextrusion, successfully substituted expensive classical triplex with Al foil i.e. Tipoliquid material for Doypack system for juice packaging.

• TIPOliquid is a material which can be printed in copper and flexo technique, having extraordinary mechanical characteristics which guarantee safe protection of products and preserve product shapes, so in that way it can be used for other pasteurized liquid products and their packaging.


• TIPOmay is a complex material intended for mayonnaise packaging (doypack system) produced by coextrusy, print on PET-film and LF dry laminating.

• The inner layer of the three-layer coextrusive film is a special copolymer which satisfies all requierements of packaging on the most contemporary generations of the speedy FFS-machines, as well as in the case of fat contamination.

• TIPOmay is a complex material which can be printed in intaglio and flexo technique, with finished graphical solution in “Tipoplastika”. In both cases “Tipoplastika” does the preparation of the printing form by applying the most successful technology owing to the possession of the most up-to-date equipment.


• TIPOfreeze is a polylayer complex material intended for frozen food packaging produced by combining technological procedures of three-layer blown coextrusy, LF dry laminating and printing.Material content: PET/colour/adhesive/PE coex.

• Owing to the existance of the automatic regulation of PE film thickness as to the engrave dozing of the primary (LDPE, LLDPE) and secondary components (slip aditives), following the best solution, according to the TIPO recipe of PE raw materials whose properties are complementary, it was possible to produce a film which is thinner compared to the standard, maintaing the same, or even, better properties (mechanical properties, welding, barrier towards gases and water steam).

• These complexes have a thickness retreat of ±5%, high glow, low friction coefficient, minimum of static electricity, high hot tack, high penetration resistance, low temperatures resistance (to-50oC), so that they are suitable for applying on very fast VFFS machines.

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