Design and preparation

The specialized department for graphic design and preparation of the solutions /decisions for printing represents a link between preliminary designs and technical production of products and is constantly making decisions together with designer companies on one and bearers of technological procedures on the other side.

The knowledge and experience of our designers, together with up-to-date information technology programmes in graphic production and printing, enable quick realization of the decisions and high-quality of final products.

We keep pace with world-known trends by using and modernizing the old equipment and purchasing of new programmes and equipment. Quality control over production operations and processes is a lead to trust, safety and satisfaction of our business partners and cooperatives.






Lining with paper means putting together different materials in the form of stripes using different types of glues. In that way different materials can be put together, like: paper, Al foil, OPP, PET, PE, PA, PP.

Lining with paper with glues with solvent, based on polyurethane and isocyanate.The type of glue is decided on after the insight into the materials which are to be glued together and the demand for the quality of the final product.

When lining with paper is done with the glues without solvent one-component and two-component glues are applied with 100% of adhesive substance. Lining with paper with wax is performed for the combinations of putting together parchment and Al foil.


Extrusion means putting two materials together with (co)extrusive solution from the nozzle. The solution from the nozzle can be mono, for instance polyethylene only, or can consist of two to five layers, depending on the final production structure.

The technological process of film cast by blown co-extrusion is as follows: the pre-prepared thermoplastic solution extruded by the tools for film cast ( blowing heads/ nozzles) is shaped in a cylindrical casing film which is further on flattened in the system for extruding and coiled on the reel into rolls of final dimensions. The forming of casings is carried out by supporting of the solution coming out of the annular clearance nozzle on the blowing head during the process of the extrusion by the outer and inner air circulation and blowing the desired format at the same time.

Cast films are produced from polyamide films meant for the production of high barrier packaging materials for vacuum packaging and the packaging in the interior atmosphere.



Quality control